Q: How much does a home inspection cost?

A: The cost is determined by the square footage of the home.

Q: Who pays for the home inspection, the buyer or the seller?

A: The buyer pays for the home inspection but could be reimbursed by the seller if the seller has agreed to pay some of the buyer’s closing costs.

Q: I used to be a builder, why do I need to hire a home inspector?

A: Because qualified home inspectors are trained in many aspects of home inspection that a builder would never encounter while constructing the home, like hidden water leaks, gas leaks, electrical issues, safety concerns, etc.

Q: Do I really need my new home meth tested? My new home is in a pretty nice neighborhood . . .

A: Meth can be found in any home, not just rundown homes or those in a seedy neighborhood. I know of an elderly, very religious couple who were appalled that their home was being tested for meth, until the results came back positive. Apparently, a teenage grandchild had lived with them for some time while struggling with addiction.

Q: How long does a home inspection take, and do I need to be there?

A: The inspection usually only takes a couple of hours. You are welcome to be there during the inspection, but most clients show up at the end for a walk-through where we explain the findings of the inspection.

 Q: I thought radon was only something homes back east needed to be tested for. Why test in Utah?

A: Radon can be found anywhere in the country. While some states, and neighborhoods, have higher averages than others, radon gathers in air pockets that can occur anywhere. Checking your home for radon is simple and is the best course of action for your safety and peace of mind.


Q: What happens if I find something wrong with my home after I move in that wasn’t listed on the inspection?

A: Please notify the inspector immediately to determine if the problem could have been detected and reported. If it could have been detected, you are eligible for liquid damages equal to the fee you paid to the inspector.

Q: After the inspection, how soon will I get to see the report?

A: Usually later that same day, but ALWAYS within 24 hours.

Q: If you find something that is dangerous in the home, what do I do next?

A: Speak with your Realtor about your purchase agreement and your options regarding making repairs or canceling the purchase.

Q: My realtor told me to waive the home inspection to make me more competitive: is this a good idea?

A: Never! Waiving a home inspection can only hurt you because the information regarding a home could only be negative if waiving it makes you more competitive. When making an investment, wouldn’t you rather invest with a person who says “feel free to research me so I can earn your business” over the one who says “you just have to trust me or I won’t accept your business?”

Q: Aren’t all home inspections about the same? What makes you different?

A: Home inspections can be similar but are rarely the same. It’s all about the details, and you want an inspector who pays attention to those details. I feel that the details are in my DNA but my wife just refers to it as OCD! I learned years ago while I was a Police Officer that details were very important, especially during a search warrant or investigation. When I inspect your home, the largest investment of your life, I do so knowing that your family, the greatest value in your life, will spend a major portion of their time in this home. I inspect every home with that in mind.


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